Rail is considerably more climate-friendly than truck.

In fact, when comparing rail to truck, rail produces approximately 75% less greenhouse gas emissions than truck transport.

The chart below shows a comparison between both modes of transportation, (traditional diesel trucks and diesel locomotives) based on a range of volumes of material projected to be moved from the Ring of Fire southwards.. The additional chart shows the number of trucks that would be required to move the same volumes of materials. This clearly supports the rail alternative as the preferred choice for the present and the future and that trucking is not the right option to choose. The exciting part to all of this hinges on the projected development of hydrogen-fueled locomotives which would produce zero greenhouse gas, a development which could be easily integrated into the proposed rail transportation system. The volumes set out in the chart below include some amounts which are targets and are conceptual in nature in respect of which there has been insufficient exploration to define such mineral resources and it is uncertain whether such exploration will result in such resources being delineated; the targets were determined on a review of resource estimates of several exploration companies with properties in the Ring of Fire.

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